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SCam features support

Camera settings

Camera settings available in the application depend on device model, and are queried from the hardware during application startup. Generally most of the supported settings are available on S60 3rd Edition FP2 and later devices, earlier 3rd edition devices are more limited.

Advanced features

Feature S60 3rd S60 3rd FP1 S60 3rd FP2 S60 5th S^3 / Anna / Belle
Autofocus lock* X X X X X
Crop marker X X X X X
Time lapse X X X X X
Movement detection X X X X X
Start from camera key X X X X X
Viewfinder grid X X X X X
Zoom captured image X X X X X
Exposure bracketing X X X
Horizon line** X X
Image auto-rotate** X X
Pinch zoom X

* - On devices with autofocus support
** - On devices with accelerometer / orientation sensor


Due to unexpected hardware/software incompatibility issues, some supposedly supported features may not work correctly on every device. If you requre a specific feature, download SCam Free to verify that the feature works on your device before purchasing SCam. See also known issues.